PBF Metal Flexible Conduit


SKU : Wire over-Braided Flexible Corrugated Nylon condui


Metal Flexible Conduit

Wire Over-Braided Flexible Corrugated Nylon Conduit 

For industry electrical wirings, such as PLC control circuits, robotics, braided nylon conduit
machine tools, Motion Control, and factory automation  braided nylon conduit braided nylon conduit

*Corrugated Polyamide Conduit Core 

*Stainless Steel wire over-braidedConduit

*1/4"~2" trade size

*Liquid-tight, Light weight & very flexible


Highly resistant to abrasion, oil, and solvents. Highly flexible and high fatigue life. Delikon over braided flexible polyamide conduit is suitable for most applications combining an high flexibilitywith good mechanical and thermal performances. Ideal for static and dynamic applications, Delikon over braided flexible conduit system is the most appropriate solution for industry automation energy or signal distribution

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