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VACUUM FLEX ECO 400, 600, 900


SKU : ECO400, 600, 900


Hoses-with steel wire
reinforcement (อ้างอิงโดยใช้สเปค ECO 400)

Struction : Wall made of abrasion resistant Polyurethane-as microbes and hydrolysis resistant
version(wall thickness between the spirals ca.0.4 mm).copper plate spring steel spiral embedded into wall.

Characteristics : Very light and extremely flexible hose with good tensile and abrasion strengths and ultimate elongation. Free of softeners, halogen free and cadmium free.

Applications : Universal hose for the woodworking, plastic and chemical industry for transportation of light solids and for air gas transportation.

Temperature range :
-40 °C to +90 (+125 °C short term)


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